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Who I Am

My name is Steve. I am the owner of Safe Rydz LLC. I am a retired Navy Veteran of 21 years. I served and protected this country with diligence and fortitude. Now my mission is to provide the same diligence to the community of Nampa, Idaho. This is a designated driver program where you have other options than driving home drunk on the nights you choose to go out on the town. I hope I can serve you as well as I served this great country of ours. Thank you in advance for allowing me the opportunity to keep you and others safe on our streets. 

What We Do

We are a driver team so there are always two of us available to safely get both you and your car home. You can contact us for a ride by contacting us via phone, facebook, or by asking your local Nampa bartender to contact us for you. 

Why Choose US

In Nampa, our car and driver take home service is $15-$20. A DUI in Idaho will cost you anywhere from $5000-$10,000!


We are safe and courteous drivers so you always know that both you and your car will arrive safely. Plus, you have the piece of mind of knowing that your car is at home and available, the morning after a fun night.

We take great pride in helping our community by keeping you and family members safe.


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